With the support of a centenary tradition and the excellent quality of its products, Maltexco S.A., former Malterías Unidas S.A., has positioned itself as a leader in the Agribusiness Market, especially in Latin America. Located in the center and south of Chile, its modern plants produce high quality Malted Barley, than can be compared to the best European malts. It also produces Malt Extract, Special Malts, Flours and other barley and malt derivatives for an increasingly demanding international market.

The company founded in 1896 was acquired by the Chadwick in 1916 and since then its founder´s mission has been the commitment with quality and a superior service. From generation to generation its descendants persevere on this spirit and have made Maltexco a completely reliable supplier of malted barley and its derivative products for the beer and food industry, both national and international.

Maltexco Vision

Be leaders of the Pacific Coast and Latin America and achieve worldwide acknowledgement on the production and commercialization of barley derivatives to be used as ingredients and/or final products in the food, beer and beverage industries, having the highest production standards in the region, worldwide quality and a deep knowledge of markets and clients.

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Maltexco is a company leader in the elaboration of malted barley, malt extract and other derivative products such as flours and special malts, fulfilling the needs of the food and beer industry through excellence in quality and innocuousness of its products..

* See Quality and Safety Policy

AgroMalt is a Maltexco network whose team of agronomists is constantly advising farmworkers to assure the best barley, from sowing to harvest, allowing full traceability of the product. AgroMalt focuses on barley self-supply, which is why we view local farmers as strategic partners and thus generate a series of actions oriented on creating alliances with them. This means offering attractive barley sowing contracts, together with the important advantages that barley cultivation presents. By hiring AgroMalt sowing the company gives farmers periodic and personalized assistance during the cultivation process.

    Barley Characteristics

    High in fibers
    Low Glycemic Index
    High betaglucan content
    Low fat
    Balanced energy, minerals and vitamins


    Ever since we have cultivated our own barley with the help of farmers with annual contracts, we are able to monitor each product starting from the field where the barley seed is sown until we deliver the final product, controlling every production process.

Maltexco has full management of the production chain, from barley (with controlled sowing contracts with the farmer), through the malting process up until the elaboration of value added products. We achieve complete traceability of all our lines of products.


On-line platform with all information regarding cultivation for the control and monitoring of the farmer.


Technical advice and supervision of the crop, technical records of each stage, from sowing to harvest.


Great reception and storage capacity and speed, optimal classification by quality


Independent silo batteries allow barley classification by varieties and qualities.


The soaking and germination conditions are carefully monitored to achieve even germination and homogeneous malting.


We elaborate products for the food and beer industry with modern equipment and under a strict system of quality control.