Concentrated Wort


It is a 100% extra pale malt extract in powder form (dry). The concentrated wort is light beige in color, has no boiling process and no hop additions. It has a pleasant taste and characteristic malty aroma.


  • Color: 4-6 EBC (2-3 Lovibond) at 8┬░brix
  • Usage: Can be used at 100%
  • Ideal for adjusting density in a recipe
  • Yeast propagation


  • Especially for breweries that want to increase their production capacity or improve the efficiency of the brewing process.
  • Easy handling.
  • Less use of storage space than grains.

Barley Flakes


They are made from pearled barley and undergo a thermal process that gelatinizes the starch.

Barley flakes improve body and foam retention by providing non-fermentable sugars and soluble proteins.


  • Cereal flavor and low color.
  • Lower fat content compared to oats
  • Color: < 2 EBC
  • Use: Up to 15%.