Roasted or dark-roasted malts contribute complex flavors and characteristic aromas to the beer styles in which they are used. They are made from pilsen malt, which undergoes a roasting process at high temperatures for several hours. Whether you want to add a subtle roasted touch or a strong and bitter roasted flavor, these malts are a very good choice.


Flavors evolve from smoky and lightly roasted bread notes to a coffee and light chocolate flavor, ending in a fully roasted, bitter malt with typical black malt flavors.


ProductsRange LºRange EBC
Brown 115L/300 EBC105-125 L°270-330 EBC
Coffe 230L/600 EBC210-250 L°540-660 EBC
Chocolate 350L/900 EBC300-400 L°800-1050 EBC

Recommended beer styles

Brown 115L / 300EBC
until 7%
Coffe 230L / 600EBC
until 7%
Chocolate 350L / 900EBC
until 5%  
Brown Ale, Robust Porter, Munich DunkelBaltic Porter, Dopple Bock, Stout, American Brown Ale  Porter, Imperial Stout, Black IPA, Schwarzbier